Pretec SRAM PCMCIA memory Card 6M

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Pretec SRAM Card Attribute 6MB

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Pretec SRAM Card Attribute 6MB

Pretec SRAM cards features high speed, reprogrammable, non-volatile solid state memory technology with low power consumption for maximum battery life and reliable data retention in a wide range of mobile and embedded applications.Each SRAM card is designed with the dual back-up battery system - a replaceable but non-rechargeable 3V lithium battery (primary battery) and an on-board rechargeable but non-replaceable battery (secondary battery) for data retention. This design allows replacement of primary battery without data loss for approximately 20 minutes. Digital signals on the card are used to alarm the user whether the primary battery should be replaced to prevent the loss of stored data. The write protect switch on the SRAM card provides a useful measure of protection from inadvertently over-writing stored data.Compliant to the industry standard PCMICA/JEIDA specifications and in support of standard DOS file system, the SRAM card is well suited for data storage in Embedded PC, Palmtops, Sub-notebook PC, PDA, PCA, and Digital Cameras. Pretec manufactures and markets SRAM products in a variety of form factors and capacities. Additionally, Pretec offers customised SRAM solutions tailored to specific application, device, and design requirements.



PCMCIA1.0/JEIDA4.0 (M86187)

Attribute Memory: 8K byte EE'PROM

Dual back-up battery design and battery voltage detection function 


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Spec Sheet (sram_datasheet_pretec_2017Aug.pdf, 328 Kb) [Download]

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