Verbatim 43823 M Disc BD R 25GB 5Pk JC White IJ Printable

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Verbatim M-Disc BD R 25GB 5Pk Printable

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Verbatim M Disc 25gb BDR 5Pk JC White Ink Jet Printable

Verbatim warranty on 43823 m disk Blu ray

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Verbatim M Disc media is the new standard in digital storage designed to preserve and protect your files by engraving your information into a recording layer, resistant to light, temperature, and humidity. Use MDisc for best protection of data. With lifetime of several hundred years based on ISO/IEC 10995 tests by Millenniata. This means whether you’re saving precious photographs, music libraries, medical documents, and more, you’ll have the reassurance of knowing it’s on a disc designed to last a lifetime.

Features and Benefits

Capacity: 25GB

Speed: 4x m-disc

Surface: Inkjet Printable

Hardcoat scratch guard protection against scratches, fingerprints, dust, oil and water

Verbatim M Disc BD has to be written with a M-Disc Ready BD burner and is readable by most current Bluray drives.

Verbatim Media

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