ABS Filament

Verbatim Mitsubishi ABS 3D Filament

Verbatim ABS 3D filament available in 1.75mm diameter in Black, White, Transparent, Silver, Blue, Green & Red and 3mm diameter in Black, White.

ABS Characteristics - Made from Acrylonitrile Butadiene Styrene / Petroleum based

Key features Highly durable. Offers good heat resistance. Smooth finish.
Likely applications Models. Toys. Plastic objects that are intended to last for a long time.
Availability Widely available
Smell Bad plastic smell
Transparency Good
Extrusion temperature 225-250°C
Post processing Can be cut, filed or glued. Aceton can be used to give it a smooth surface.
Appearance Generally glossy
Environment & Recycling Classed under recycling Number 7, generally recycled into plastic lumber and other similar items