BVOH 3D Filament

Verbatim Mitsubishi Butenediol Vinyl Alcohol Co-polymer (BVOH) 3D filament

To be used combination with Verbatim ABS, PLA, and PET material printers Verbatim BVOH 3D filament available in 1.75mm diameter in Natural Transparent.

BVOH Characteristics - Made from Butenediol Vinyl Alcohol Co-polymer (BVOH) filament. / Petroleum based

Key features Good mechanical properties of stiffness and tensile strength.
Likely applications Support material for filaments, printing projects with overhangs or complex objects.
Availability Widely available
Transparency Good
Extrusion temperature 200-240°C
Post processing Can be cut, filed or glued. Aceton can be used to give it a smooth surface.
Appearance Generally glossy
Environment & Recycling Classed under recycling Number 7, generally recycled into plastic lumber and other similar items

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