Cleansui Water Purifiers

Buy Cleansui water purifier jugs and ontap water purifiers & replacement cartridge filters

Cleansui is an internationally renowned brand of water filters and purifiers. With advanced filtration technologies and proprietary materials, Cleansui has grown to be the better choice for water filtration products in Japan.

Say goodbye to unwanted chemicals and bacteria in your drinking water, because Cleansui means clean water every time!

Ground Breaking Office Water Purifier Systems at The Computer Supplies Shop

Water is one of the scarcest and most valuable natural resources in the world. Still, with only about one percent of water on earth deemed to be potable, there is an ever-increasing need for home and office water purifier systems.

At The Computer Supplies Shop, we stock a wide array of Cleansui water purification systems, which with revolutionary technological advances, turns your tap water into some of the purest, highly filtrated water you can find.

Imagine drinking the purest, best-tasting water you’ve ever had, right from the tap at your home or office.

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