PLA Filament

Verbatim Mitsubishi PLA 3D Filament

Verbatim PLA 3D filament available in 1.75mm & 3mm diameter in Black, White, Transparent, Silver, Blue, Orange Green & Red

PLA Characteristics - Made from Polylactic Acid / Plant based (generally corn)

Key features Easy to print. Does not need a heated bed. Warps less than ABS.
Likely applications Day-to-day 3D printing jobs. PLA is biodegradable and will degrade slowly over time, so better suited for objects only needed for a short or medium timeframe.
Availability Widely available
Smell Sweet smell
Transparency Slightly opaque
Extrusion temperature 190-240°C
Post processing Can be cut, filed or glued. Does not work with aceton.
Appearance Generally Shiney and Smooth
Environment & Recycling As a bio-plastic