Maxell - XD CAM 50GB Dual Layer 50G 1 disk

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Maxell - XD CAM Single Layer 50G
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Maxell - XD CAM Dual Layer 50G 1pc

Model: PD-50DL

Storage: 50 GB

DVCAM Run Time: 185 Minutes

Write Speed: 2.4x

Count: 1 piece

Maxell Professional Disc, assuring superior picture quality, storage capacity, random access capability and XDCAM compatibility

Single-sided 12cm optical media cartridge features CD/DVD-sized disc with enormous 50GB capacity.

Nonlinear in nature to provide random access handling of high-quality audio/video content. High-precision stamping process employing high-precision laser-cutting control realizes the extra-fine ultra-low-pitch data track required for a blue-violet laser beam to read it.

Speedy 86Mbps transfer rate on one optical head and 172Mbps on two optical heads.

Unique phase change recording layer minimizes data error due to minute warping. 0.1mm-thick light-transmitting recording material has a hard coat to protect the disc surface.

High-precision cartridge shields out dust and minimizes handling error.


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