Mitsubishi PLA 3D filament now available

Posted by   Vic Wood
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Verbatim embraces the future as they introduce 3D Printing Filaments to their growing range Melbourne, Australia - FEB 2015:

Verbatim Australia is excited to announce that it will enter the rapidly growing 3D printing market with their range of PLA filaments available NOW. Parent company Mitsubishi Chemical is also developing a range of unique filament materials that will incorporate the key strengths of both PLA and ABS,

Range now includes both ABS & PLA 1.75MM filaments in a range of colours

and PLA 3.0mm filament in a range of colours

The 3D printing process enables physical objects to be made from three-dimensional models by laying down successive layers of a material. Although the technology has been around since the 1980’s, the 3D printing industry is currently undergoing a massive transformation and enjoying unprecedented growth as hardware manufacturers bring their 3D printers out of the commercial sphere and into homes, schools, universities and businesses. The applications for the technology are seemingly endless and undoubtedly mind-boggling. From construction, automotive, aerospace and engineering through to dental, medical industries and biotech (human tissue replacement). Then there’s fashion, jewellery and eyewear. In future, it is anticipated that even fresh food (including meat and vegetables) will be printed with specialised 3D technology, which could have huge implications for sustainability.

Verbatim will commence selling both ABS and PLA 3D printing filaments in Australia and New Zealand from August 2014. The products will be manufactured in Japan from the highest quality materials and produced to extremely tight tolerances to ensure consistent feed and stable printing. The filaments will be distributed in vacuum-sealed bags with desiccant, and wound onto a custom spool that has been designed for strength, uniform dynamic performance and trouble-free dispensing. The PLA filament range will come in 1.75mm and 3.00mm diameters, whilst the ABS filament range will come in 1.75mm diameter. Both ranges will be available in an assortment of vibrant colours as 1kg spools.

In addition, Verbatim’s Parent company, Mitsubishi Chemical is in the process of developing a number of unique filament materials to add to the range in the future. One of these materials is Durabio™, a clear durable bio-based plastic resin suitable for 3D printing as well as other applications. The material has excellent optical properties and high impact strength along with UV, flame and scratch resistance. With the flexibility, fast hardening, warp-free and eco-friendly advantages of PLA plastics, Durabio also benefits from the toughness that is commonly associated with ABS plastics. Verbatim’s Durabio filament range is expected to be available in Australia and New Zealand from late 2014

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